‘Quiet Skies’ checklist for air marshals

Subject was abnormally aware of surroundings. (If observed check any that apply below)

Reversing or changing directions and/or stopping while in transit through the airport

Attempting to change appearance by changing clothes, shaving etc. while in the airport or on the plane

Using the reflection in storefront windows to identify surveillance

Observing the boarding gate area from afar

Boarded last

Observing other people who appear to be observing FAM team and/or subject

Subject exhibited Behavioral Indicators (If observed, check any that apply below)

Excessive fidgeting

Excessive perspiration

Facial flushing

Rapid eye blinking

“Adam’s apple jump’’

Rubbing/wringing of hands

Strong body odor

Sweaty palms


Cold penetrating stare

Exaggerated emotions

Gripping/’’White knuckling’’ bags

Wide open, staring eyes

Face touching


Subject’s appearance was different from information provided (If yes, check any that apply below)

Lost weight

Gained weight



Hair length/style change


Visible Tattoos (Describe)

Visible Piercings (Describe)



Apparent Altered Experience (Explain)

Clean shaven


Subject slept during the flight (If yes, check any that apply below)

Subject slept during most of the flight

Subject slept briefly

General Observations (provide detailed description of any electronic devices in subject’s possession in AAR)

Checked baggage?

In possession of cell/smartphone?

In possession of multiple phones?

Used phone to talk?

Used phone to text?

In possession of computer?

Seated in first/business class?

Used lavatory?

In possession of any unusual items?

Traveled with others?

Met with others in the airport?

Engaged in conversation with others?

Subject initiated conversation with FAM?

Carryon baggage?

Other notable activity?

Subject engaged in “more than casual contact’’ with airport or airline employee?