The peril in Heather Graham’s new Prime Video project “On a Wing and a Prayer,” streaming Wednesday, only sounds like a movie.

A family of four are in a small private propeller plane when their pilot dies. Can Dad actually land the plane and save his wife and daughters?

It really happened to Doug White and his family who credit angels and God with saving them.

For Heather Graham, who plays Teri White, a sweet surprise was discovering that Dennis Quaid, a co-star a decade ago, had asked for her.

“I had a great time with him and was super flattered he remembered and thought of me,” Graham, 53, recalled in a Zoom interview.

“This was really interesting in that it’s a true story. I like the idea of having a dark night of the soul and somehow getting through that. That’s a beautiful story.”

Playing Teri, still very much here, was “Intimidating in a way. A fiction script with a good role is great. But true stories are fun, because you can really research the real person and I like researching things.”

Graham didn’t find much online while a phone call proved invaluable. “She has a super-charming Southern accent and she’s very loving and supportive.

“When she saw the movie she immediately wrote me and said she loved it and she loved my performance and my accent, which is a relief. You know, you play a real person you don’t want them to be like, ‘That was wrong.’

“I learned a lot of interesting small details about her life. Like she was a pharmacist and Doug was a pharmacist. How she said that the angels were holding up the plane. And that Doug’s brother had died — they had just been at the funeral for Doug’s brother — and how she felt his spirit was there, helping them survive.

“She’s very spiritual and has deep faith. It reminded me that it’s great to have a connection to a higher power or whatever you believe in. And how that can really get you through those hard moments.”

Among the producers is “Touched by an Angel” star Roma Downey who is famously faith based, not just with her roles but as a producer.

“I didn’t know her but now I do. She’s always sending me these inspirational movies. She has this kind of magical fairytale life. I went to her house, it’s on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Very incredible. And she’s just a warm person who I guess just wants to tell stories that are inspiring people.”

“On a Wing and a Prayer” streams Wednesday on Prime Video