Free light bulbs - bright idea?

Why does anyone think it’s a good idea to give everyone - citizens, non-citizens, illegal immigrants, tax payers, free loaders, pensioners, people earning millions per month - free light bulbs?

And the obvious question is: who stands to benefit? I mean really benefit, like the “friends” of the government who will be supplying the bulbs “free of charge”.

But there’s nothing like a free lunch. Those of us who pay taxes will foot the bill.

At the moment, all of us buy our bulbs. Why can’t we continue to do so from our usual vendors? If LED bulbs are better, the logical solution is just phase them in by making them more available, and gradually phase out the incandescent ones.

What’s the big hurry to change to LED bulbs in one go? I know.

It probably has to be done before the next elections or someone else might benefit.

The more I think about it, the more I’m certain that this largesse is not for the reasons given (providing a benefit to everyone), but to facilitate someone (or a few) making a killing.

I was going to suggest that if the government decides to proceed with this ill-conceived idea, that bulbs should be given only to those who can provide evidence from the Board of Inland Revenue that they filed their returns and paid their taxes for 2018. Also, there should be a limit per household (8 bulbs, say). This seems reasonable but it won’t happen. Why?

Because the plan is to give out as many bulbs as possible so that the favoured “contractors” can make as much profit as possible.

The population is simply the vehicle to bring the plan to fruition.

Providing the population with free light bulbs is a bright idea but not for the reasons we think.

A Charles

Via email