Leela Ramsingh, founder, LSA HealthCare Services Ltd
Companies urged to invest in employees’ health
Frequent travel along with the emergence of new viruses and bacteria are all contributing to the need for people to develop a “culture of health” according to the founder of LSA Health Care Services Ltd, Leela Ramsingh.

Ramsingh is advising employers to invest in the health and wellness of their employees.

“Globally, Employee Health and Wellness on the whole has become a critical component for organisations who are now investing in the well-being of their employees by establishing wellness programmes in an effort to keep their staffers healthy, productive and motivated. “The last decade has seen the rise of a host of new viruses such as H1N1 and MERS and now the recent discovery of Norovirus with is fast-spreading bacteria that has been known to exhibit anti-biotic resistant characteristics. Once a resistant strain develops, this strain will multiply rapidly too. The resistant bacteria then spreads through direct contact with a person with the infection, in the same way that other bacteria are spread,” she told the Sunday Guardian.

Ramsingh said for over 16 years she has been doing her part to contribute to the “culture of health” espoused by the recent WITS Global Wellness Summit . The company has been providing a host of hygiene solutions for washrooms and facilities to various organisations throughout T&T including feminine hygiene bins, urinal odour neutralisers, hand soap and hand sanitiser dispensers and toilet seat sanitisers.

She also said in today’s globalised “office” where people travel frequently to other countries on business then return to shared work spaces, viruses can spread rapidly.

“A well-structured wellness programme, built on personal and ambient hygiene best practices is critical to containing the spread of bacteria and germs.

“Therefore, hygiene matters to all industries to ensure we have a healthy workforce.”

She believes in T&T, workplace health and safety policies should be mandatory and include requirements for pleasant and comfortable employee and public restrooms equipped with liquid hand soap and sanitiser dispensers, toilet surface sanitisers, toilet tissue and hand towels dispensers, feminine hygiene bins and air freshening systems.

Providing hands-free or touchfree options of these units will go a long way in minimising the spread of contagious bacteria and harmful pathogens, she added.

LSA Health Care Services Ltd, is located in Boundary Road San Juan and is staffed by a team of women service technicians.