Tobago cop freed of wild meat charge
A 39 year old police officer with 19 years service was yesterday freed of charges related to the possession of wild meat. The matter was heard before Magistrate Duane Murray in the Tobago court. 

PC Keston Kirk, of Sherwood Park, Tobago was arrested on April 29, 2015 at Cove Industrial Estate. He had been on suspension for the last four years, charged with illegally having 17 iguanas in his possession.

The court heard that on the said date, Kirk went fishing at Canoe Bay and on his way out, gave a man who had been hunting a lift in his vehicle.

The police and Game Wardens testified that they had been observing the two men hunting for three hours and when they were finished and driving out, they stopped and searched the vehicle and found the animals.

Both men were arrested. 

Kirk was represented by Martin George who made legal submissions that the State had not proven its case against his client.

Witnesses for the State included former superintendent Jeffrey George and Game Warden John Edwards among others. 

The matter was prosecuted by attorneys from the DPP’s office who travelled from Trinidad for the prosecution.

After considering the legal submissions of the DPP’s office and George, Murray dismissed the case against Kirk.

George said he now plans to prepare High Court proceedings to sue the State for damages and compensation for malicious prosecution of his client, who maintained his innocence, as he indicated that the 17 iguanas belonged to another person whom he had given a lift in his car.