The sculpture of Cornelis Zitman.
Precious Paintings 2018 at 101 Art Gallery
Precious Paintings is an annual exhibition at the 101 Art Gallery, located at 84 Woodford Street, Newtown, increasing in popularity each year. The exhibition opens on Saturday, October 20, from 5–8 pm. On display will be quality original paintings, lithographs, sculpture, and memorabilia by T&T and famous intentional master artists.

This exhibition gives collectors the opportunity to profit from the sales of some very rare works in their possession that have not been seen by the general public for a number of years and at the same time, it represents a chance for others to obtain works that they have been trying to source.

There are also old lithographs of landscapes and seascapes of the Caribbean from which one can discern the changes that have taken place over the past 200 years in our part of the world.

Mark Pereira, the owner of the 101 Art Gallery, innovated Precious Paintings over 20 years ago. Each year, it displays works from local artists such as Michel Jean Cazabon, Ralph Baney, Luise Kimme, Boscoe Holder, Carlisle Chang, Lisa O’Connor, Jones Gilbert, Embah, Lisa and Pat Chu Foon, Marcelio Hovell, Jackie Hinkson, MP Alladin, and others.

More recently, artworks from wellknown foreign artists have been added to this exhibition, such as paintings and sculpture by Cornelis Zitman, Dunieski, Camille Pissarro, Diego Rivera, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Jean Michel Basquiat, Peter Doig and Chris Ofili.

This exhibition ends on November 3, at 2 pm.

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