Sizing up Kasich in N.H., and in November

The following is an edited sample of online reader reaction to our Jan. 26 endorsement of John Kasich in the Republican primary in New Hampshire:

When the GOP’s best bet is someone who still strongly believes that tax cuts lead to economic growth, despite such policies never, ever working in the US or around the world, they are doomed. (PL) . . .

So the Globe Editors think he is the closest thing to a Democrat in the Republican race. Kiss of death. (g-inthebag) . . .

John Kasich is one of the few Republican candidates who has any chance of beating Hillary Clinton. Kasich is currently rising in New Hampshire. I can say that because I actually live in the state. Not all Republicans are conservative right-wingers like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Clinton has nothing to fear from them. Their 15 minutes of fame is about over. Let’s hope New Hampshire Republicans support a candidate who actually has a shot in November. Kasich is that guy. Thank you to The Boston Globe. (brianc31) . . .

His ability to win the general is not a threat since he has very little chance to get the nomination. Should his fortunes change, the Globe would have plenty of time, distance, and inclination to support the Democrat. I’ve said on numerous occasions that a Kasich-Rubio ticket wins. That is not of relevance at this point. (The Hill) . . .

Does the Globe seriously believe that the average Republican primary voter in New Hampshire (or anywhere else) will give an atom’s worth of weight to this endorsement? More likely, it will serve as the final nail in the coffin of the feckless Kasich campaign, soon to take its place alongside similar undertakings by Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, all “moderate’’ to a fault, and all ineffectual exemplars of a political class that lacks the nerve and courage to alter the corrupt status quo, in large part because they benefit from it. (LeoTheLion4) . . .

Who will “emerge as leader of the party’s reality-based wing’’? That is the real question coming out of Iowa and N.H. (soxdem) . . .

A vote for any Republican is a vote for a Supreme Court run by the Chamber of Commerce. (Giermund)