Newhills Church in Bucksburn moved from putting some audio services online to livestreaming as the lockdown continued.

An average of 85 churchgoers attended services before the pandemic, while the online versions are regularly viewed by 120 to 180 people.

Rev Jonny Clipston said: “It’s been appreciated by people who have the ability to continue to practise their faith and worship God at a time when things are so restricted.”

More than 550 people viewed an online funeral recently, while others have been followed by mourners in Brazil and the Philippines.

But livestreaming is more challenging in Ardnamurchan due to issues with broadband provision.

Ella Gill, a Church of Scotland reader who leads worship, said while fibre optic cables are in the area they are not connected to the small group of houses in Kilchoan where she lives.

She records her part of the service, downloads it on to a memory stick and posts it to a colleague who lives 10 miles away for uploading to Youtube.

She said: “It’s not ideal... Not being able to travel to where there is better broadband during lockdown has added to the problem.”

The recorded services are watched by around 30 to 40 people online, compared to 12 to 15 at services.