To the Editor:
Our city council will undergo a thorough makeover this fall with only Dan Langshaw, Ward 3 representative, seeking re-election to the seat he now holds. Some of these candidates may have never attended a city council meeting.

We need to vote for the candidates that have experience with our city. Paul Marnecheck, current Ward 5 representative, is running unopposed for council president. Wards 2, 4 and 6 are all newcomers running unopposed. Wards 1 and 5 are contested wards. Jessica Fenos, running for Ward 1, has experience in dealing with our city. She has been on our planning committee since 2017. Vincent Weimer, running for Ward 5, also has experience in dealing with our city as he chaired the Community Task Force for our schools and worked with all aspects of our residents.

We have five mayoral candidates, three that have experience as council representatives, one with no city experience and one with (many may argue very poor) school board experience. We need to elect the strongest candidate, with the most experience to be the mayor to lead a council of newcomers.

Larry Antoskiewicz is the best candidate – with proven results – to lead this group and move our city forward. He has been a ward representative and council president. He says “We” more than “I,” which is leadership and tells me he’s in it for our community.

We also need to vote in ward representatives that have the experience in dealing with our city, to hit the ground running and be productive. Those candidates are Jessica Fenos for Ward 1 and Vincent Weimer for Ward 5.

We can’t afford too many rookies running our city and need to vote those with the experience and knowledge of our city to make a better North Royalton.

Chris May

North Royalton