Even though City Council suspends committee and Council meetings for the month of August, there are still plenty of activities throughout the city. The largest one being Home Days on Aug. 23-25. The road and infrastructure projects are still going on as well. Thank you for your patience during this time.

I wanted to update everyone on a project that will be starting soon. It is an energy conservation project that Council approved earlier this year. Some of the improvements will be very visible, others will be upgrades in everyday operational costs. All of the improvements will provide savings to our annual utility payments. The program is being implemented through the guidelines in Ohio’s House Bill 420 that passed in 2008. The program authorizes a municipality to advertise for bids on energy conservation measures and to finance the cost using the projected savings these measures would save on annual utility payments. The cost incurred to pay for the project is not included in the city’s general indebtedness calculations. Leopardo was selected due to their expertise in general contract management and history in designing and implementing energy conservation measures.

New LED street and traffic lights will provide better quality of illumination and increase safety for residents. The Voice over IP conversion at the Police Department and upgraded building HVAC, electrical lighting and other energy reliant equipment that would have put constraints on our future capital funds are now being addressed. The project does not affect our debt capacity and helps ensure that future debt borrowing needs are not constrained by the debt repayments of this project. The project should take 8-9 months to complete once started and begin seeing results within one to two months after the projects are completed. The projects savings are guaranteed. Per the contract, any unrealized savings will be paid by Leopardo.

I hope to see you at our upcoming city events. Once again, we will end our Home Days on Sunday with a fabulous fireworks display sponsored by our generous donors.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by phone at 440-554-6095 or email at councilpres@northroyalton.org.