Words from the experienced

Excerpts from

“Aging Wisely. . .

Wisdom of Our Elders’’

“The doctor went into the examining room and, leaning over my father, who was still lying on a gurney, he asked in a condescending way, ‘What do you want me to do, Mr. Wyner, make you younger?’ And my father [who was 87] responded with words that will always be with me: ‘Younger I have been, doctor. Make me older.’ ’’

Justin L. Wynerof Dedham, chairman emeritus, Shawmut Corp.

“I believe that the job of grandparents is to embrace each grandchild with unquestioning support. It is not our job to discipline or correct our grandchildren; their parents will surely do that.’’

Sherri L. Meadeof Hatfield, retired technology executive, IBM

“I would like to imagine that when I am remembered, people will smile, shake their head, laugh, or even get slightly moist around their eyes when they think of me. Then I’ll know I’m still with them.’’

Peggy E. Chaitof New York, N.Y., Wall Street consultant and creative writer

“Older age is a good time to learn something new. You don’t have to be ‘good’ at it. Take chances. Guess. You might be right.’’

Erlene Rosowsky,geropsychologist, William James College, Newton