To the Editor:
I have known Kelly Kosek since 2007 when we first worked together as attorneys at Hahn Loeser & Parks. Since that time I have seen nothing from Kelly but hard work, fairness and dedication, whether to her firm and clients, her family or her city.

Kelly has worked diligently for the citizens in Ward 3 and all of Strongsville since she was elected to city council in 2018. In her short tenure, she has brought a new ADA-compliant playground to the city at Surrarrer Park, started a family movie night and introduced vaping laws to prohibit the usage and sales of electronic smoking devices to minors under 18 years old. Her responsiveness to her constituents is remarkable and Kelly truly cares about each person’s opinion.

As someone not from Strongsville originally, Kelly brings a fresh, intelligent, and unbiased perspective to the city. She has young children, thus her interests are to keep Strongsville successful from a business perspective while making it more desirable for families.

My husband and I chose to raise our family in Strongsville, both growing up here. With Kelly Kosek on city council, we can be sure that she will do everything she can to keep Strongsville a city we want to stay in. The city needs council members who care as much about keeping Strongsville attractive to families as it does businesses. Kelly Kosek is that person.

Please cast your vote for Kelly in Ward 3 this Nov. 5 to keep Strongsville moving in the right direction.

Amie LaBahn