North Royalton Police

Jan. 15 – A Bennett Road resident attempted to sell a pair of used, black Yeezy Boost shoes valued around $300 on a resale site. The subject showed up to the complainant's house and said he didn't have enough money on his person for the shoes, but would go to the gas station down the road for the rest. The subject handed the complainant a vehicle title to hold until he returned with the cash, and took the shoes. The subject never returned.

Jan. 11 – Staff at a Bennett Road business reported the theft of prescription medication.

Jan. 11 – Police were notified of breaking and entering at an unfinished Forestwood Lane home that allegedly took place in mid-December. The home was nearly complete when someone broke in and stole all the new appliances from the garage, as well as the installed towel bars, light fixtures, four sinks and four faucets. There were no signs of forced entry, but every sub-contractor has a key or codes to the doors. The builder has yet to decide if they will file an insurance claim, but wanted the incident documented.

Jan. 11 – At 4:39 p.m., a Gregory Lane resident contacted police to report he had found a tablet and a clipboard in his driveway.

Jan. 11 – North Royalton fire and police personnel were dispatched to a working house fire on Stephanie Drive at 5:35 p.m. The fire was believed to have originated from an unattended candle. The fire chief called police back to the scene at 10:24 p.m. after the crew allegedly found a baggie of marijuana, a pipe, a baggie with some psilocybin mushroom caps and stems, and a grinder. Through the investigation, they reportedly became confident the recently used marijuana pipe was the actual source of the fire. The seized property was photographed and turned over to police to be secured in an evidence locker for destruction at a later time. A joint decision was made to not charge the resident, as they had enough going on with a destroyed home, so the property was collected for destruction.

Jan. 12 – A Gregory Lane homeowner called police around 1:30 a.m. in reference to an attempted burglary. The female said she heard breaking glass and a banging noise coming from the garage. Officers discovered a rear door window leading to the garage was broken, glass on the garage floor, and the door ajar. The responding officer observed that a grill was in front of the door, blocking it from being fully opened, but the grill was marked from the attempts to open the door. Shoe prints were found in the snow from the street, through the lawn down the south side of the home and back around. A black eyeglass case not belonging to the homeowners was found on the front lawn. The complainant also advised someone had broken into her son's vehicle two days prior and stolen items from inside.

Jan. 13 – Police took a driver into custody for driving under suspension and drug charges after initiating a traffic stop for a speeding violation at 9:50 a.m. on State Road. The vehicle was towed and marked as seized. During vehicle inventory, the patrolman reportedly found three THC vape cartridges, one vape smoking device and a white pill labeled as "XAN" for which the driver did not have a prescription. Jail staff reportedly advised they found an additional green Alprazolam pill in the subject's pants pocket, as well as another Xanax pill in her bra and a grinder in her wallet. The contraband was seized as evidence. The driver was issued three misdemeanor citations, two traffic citations and one felony charge for illegal conveyances of drugs into jail.

Jan. 14 – NRPD was contacted by a male subject who claimed he was receiving threatening Snapchat photos from a teenage female. There was a photo of what appeared to be a revolver under a red towel, and photos of a male stating the complainant should leave her alone. Upon investigation, the girl said she had been talking with a second boy on Snapchat and over the phone. She gave the subject her Snapchat password in exchange for his. She claimed she had nothing to do with the threatening photos, that they were from the jealous second boy.

Jan. 14 – A Sunrise Boulevard complainant notified police of a vehicle running in the parking lot that they believed was unoccupied. A male was found asleep in the driver's seat of the vehicle, and an open can of beer was located in the vehicle. The man was cited for open container.

Jan. 16 – Police were dispatched to Sunrise Boulevard around 1 p.m. on a soliciting complaint. The officer located the white male and black female parked in the neighborhood. Upon speaking with the suspects, the odor of burned marijuana was reportedly detected in the vehicle. The woman claimed they were picking up a friend and not soliciting for an energy company, as the complainant stated. The woman claimed the car was a company vehicle for a different gas and electric company; both occupants possessed binders for that company. She said they were not soliciting but had appointments with residents. The two subjects were found to have active warrants and were placed under arrest. The female was found to be operating a vehicle under a license forfeiture suspension. During a probable cause search, the officer reportedly found a gold "one hitter" in an ashtray, and in the woman's purse, a plastic smoking device, a filled alcohol flask, and an EBT and casino card belonging to another man. The woman claimed she'd found the cards and was trying to return them. The man was transported to meet Parma Police for his warrant and cited for soliciting without a permit; the woman to North Royalton City Jail. She was cited for driving under suspension, soliciting without a permit, drug abuse, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container in a motor vehicle, and advised of her mayor's court date. The officer has been unable to reach the owner of the cards.