NORTH ROYALTON – The 2019 Roads Program is officially winding down after accomplishing the paving of five streets and numerous other infrastructure repairs.
The city budgeted nearly $2.58 million in the Street Construction Maintenance Repair fund and $225,000 in the Motor Vehicle License Fund for a total of $2.8 million for roadway work this year. This amount does not include the money set aside for the state Route 82 widening.
Repavings included Akins Road between Ridge and State roads, Maple Lane, Albion Road between York and Ridge roads and Bunker Road between Ridge and State, all completed earlier in the season by Crossroads Asphalt Recycling, Inc.
And, last month, Crossroads finished up the second half of Albion between West 130th Street and York.
As part of the program too, Crossroads also performed road rehab work along Villa Grande and Yorkview drives; Bunker and Cedar Estates; Chesapeake Drive; and the Hunter’s Creek subdivision. And, Florio & Son Cement Inc. conducted concrete street repair on Castle Drive, Hunter’s Creek, Chesapeake and Timber Ridge and Cedar Estates.
Once the State Road waterline wraps up, a 50-foot section of asphalt will be laid on Bunker to complete that paving project.
And the annual street striping program along the mains and secondaries was completed recently by JD Striping & Services Inc.
Several projects were also performed in-house by city service crews: catch basin repairs in the Spyglass Hill subdivision, as well as catch basin and street repair on Villa Grande. They also vacuumed all the catch basins and main lines from State to York along Route 82 because those catch basins were being rebuilt. Crews are also rebuilding or replacing all the catch basins along Ridge from Route 82 to Sprague Road. They have also preformed crack sealing in the developments Crossroads and Florio were working in, as well as miscellaneous stormwater repairs.
“It’s been a very productive year thanks to the funding and the weather. Now we are getting ready for winter,” North Royalton Service Director Nick Cinquepalmi said.
In addition to city streets, Route 82 has also been a major focal point this year with two separate projects along Royalton’s stretch.
The resurfacing from York to the Broadview Heights city line, performed by Burton Scot Contractors, was expected to finish up soon. The Cleveland Water waterline project between State and Prince Charles was installed ahead of the pavement work. It was a resurfacing project only and is not to be confused with the separate western widening and complete reconstruction of Route 82 between Spruce Run Drive and York.
As for the Route 82 widening, a project being conducted by DiGioia-Suburban Excavating, work is months ahead of schedule, so crews are in the process of taking advantage of the weather by performing more of the widening, earlier than originally planned, ahead of winter.
The first half of the project from Spruce Run to just east of the North Royalton Service Department is already complete. It was recently announced that both the north and south lanes will be widened from where the new pavement ends near the service garage to just east of the North Royalton School District’s bus facility by the end of the year, so long as the weather cooperates.
Mayor Bob Stefanik said it truly has been a productive construction season.
“It has been. We were able to do our usual in-house road program and sub out additional road work over and above what we anticipated earlier this year,” he said. “Again, preventative maintenance continues to be an important part of our road program.”