To the Editor:

As our Ward 3 city councilwoman, Kelly Kosek has shown good judgment and integrity. She takes a thoughtful, deliberative approach to decision-making.

I appreciate having a woman on council who takes the views of both residents and business owners into account when making decisions that affect land use. Kelly understands the importance of preserving green space, which makes our town more attractive to prospective home buyers.

As an advocate for children, she worked to get an all-inclusive playground built in Surrarrer Park, where children of different abilities can play. She and Ann Roff cosponsored an ordinance banning the sale of vaping equipment to minors, which may well have saved some lives. As chair of the economic development committee, she helped bring a company headquarters to Strongsville, adding about 400 new jobs to our workforce.

Kelly has earned the respect of her fellow council members. Given her character and strong record of achievement, I hope voters will give Kelly a chance to continue serving on city council. We need her perspective as both a Strongsville mom and practicing attorney.

Laura Rushton