NORTH ROYALTON – Man cannot live by bread alone.

For the past five years, the monthly North Royalton Community Meal has been a fruitful endeavor, satisfying residents’ hunger for a home-cooked meal but also the thirst for fellowship and camaraderie.

The community meal started in April 2014 and was sponsored by eight area churches at the time as a way to feed the hungry. It quickly morphed into a way to feed community spirit, too, giving all an excuse to sit down, relax and enjoy a bite to eat with neighbors, strangers, family and friends.

St. Albert the Great Church craves more opportunities to unite the community and announced it will begin its own Community Café. Much like the spirit of the community meal, which serves up a free dinner once a month to anyone in the community, the Community Café will dish out free breakfast to adults once a month every second Tuesday from 9:15 to 10:30 a.m., with the kickoff meal planned June 11.

This monthly breakfast will always be hosted in the hall in the lower level of the church building at 6667 Wallings Road.

The menu will vary somewhat month to month, but there will always be a warm dish, such as eggs or an egg casserole, along with the option of cold cereal and fruit. Coffee, tea and juices will also be provided.

Mary Pat Frey, pastoral associate at St. Albert, said much like the North Royalton Community Meal, the Community Cafe is being offered as a way for residents in the area to build community and friendship over a shared meal.

“We believe that offering this additional free meal will continue to help to build a spirit of friendship among the citizens of North Royalton. By hosting it on our campus of faith, it helps people to remember that we are more alike than we are different in that we are all children of God,” she said.

As a city leader and St. Albert parishioner, Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw said he appreciates this concept as a way to feed the community spirit as well as those who may be in need of a warm meal.

“I am excited about the Community Cafe. We are so blessed to have such a strong, faith-based community that, regardless of what denomination you are, we come together to care for those who are in need.”